Friends who grow together, GLOW together: Interview with Jazzie Moore


What does The Bad Girls Club, Michael Jackson, Shea Butter, and Myrtle Urkle have in common?

They are all important parts in the story of a growing 10 year sisterhood I have with owner of Jazzier Organics, Jazmine Moore. Every so often Jazz and I catch up via Snapchat or on FaceTime for girl talk and for her to get my eating habits and spiritual practices in order on a personal level.

To kick off Mindful/Meatless March I knew there was no one better to interview first for ‘Sisterhood Sessions’, which I’ll be introducing on all new redesigned SHEENAGATES.COM.

Jazz is someone who I truly consider a sister as do my mother and my closest friends. Our journey as women, friends, and business owners has taken us through a series of ups and downs but, we are still here with a bond that’s stronger than ever.

The relationship I have with Jazz is as real as it gets and truly an example of the phrase:

“Friends who Grow Together, GLOW together”

Take some time for a 5 minute read about how we met, how far we’ve come as women and for tips if you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle and may not know where to start.

An Interview with Jazmine Moore : 

SG: Girl, do you remember how we met?

JM: Yes, how can I forget? We met at a casting for the Bad Girls Club, in Philly at a bar on Broad Street. I remember you being there with your stomach out and I wasn’t even old enough so I auditioned with a fake ID! It was about 10 years ago because I graduated High School and then came to Philly in 2007. But I remember meeting you and being like “Who is this girl?” and clicking instantly. The rest is history.

The Bad Girls Club – Philadelphia Casting Special 2007

SG: Yes, the bar was in Old City. You still don’t know your way around Philly! We clicked and it was funny because we ended up living less than 10 minutes from each other (in Delaware County)  To this day, I feel like it was divine timing. Neither of us ended up doing the Bad Girl’s Club. You weren’t old enough and I made it to the end of the casting process but they weren’t paying enough, the coins weren’t right. But we’ve both have come a looong way. BGC was the end of trying to get on TV for me but  you cast for a few other things like The Real World.

“How did you end up going from auditioning for Reality TV to being a Health and Wellness Blogger?”

JM: I cast for The Real World, and The Bad Girls Club, and then of course I was on an episode of the Tyra Banks Show. That was the start of a reality check for me. I was in a relationship at the time and the guy, he found out about me being on Tyra Banks and moved out of the apartment (and rent was due.) That was a wakeup call for me. I had a drinking problem. Then, when I lived in Philly at a friends wedding there was a fiasco that afterwards made me stop drinking cold turkey.

After I quit drinking I was able to start my health journey. I was able to see how much damage I caused myself through alcoholism, I was in jail, on house arrest and then on probation. That was the start of my personal healing. I had no choice.

SG: And then you had some health problems right?

JM: I had a lump in my throat, from 2007 to 2013. I started looking into how to get rid of it. I cut out meat and dairy and that started me on my way to Veganism, a Plant Based Diet. I knew that once the lump disappeared that it definitely had to do with what I ate. When that happened I started meditation and started to transform and heal myself internally.

I became a different person, I wasn’t getting out of my car to fight people anymore, I had better relationships. Plus, I was on probation in PA and I wasn’t even supposed to be in Texas so I had to be mindful of my surroundings. It basically became something I had to do.

I was like “If you don’t get it together now, you won’t ever get it together” So like my Auntie Iyanla says, I just had to do the work on myself.

SG: With all these changes your went through, I want to Thank You for keeping me around because you and I stopped speaking for awhile (laughs hysterically) Do you remember that?

JM: Chile! Yes! You got my first Instagram account deleted! I woke up to you calling me Myrtle Urkel, I had no idea what was going on! You were my first Twitter Beef.

SG:  I honestly don’t even remember what it was over. But you were on twitter calling me Michael Jackson and shit, We got real Bad Girls Club and had a whole beef over a subtweet or something. I’m glad we got through it and remained friends.

Girls Trip! Myrtle and Michael Take New Orleans 2014!

SG: People love to use social media for negativity. It’s a good thing we grew up and found other ways to use our platforms.  I wake up and go on your website, or Instagram or snapchat and get my tips on how to get my life together (laughs) I’m glad you started the website.

JM: My website (with 3 z’s) has everything you want to know about a plant based lifestyle, healing and mental health and there’s also a link to buy my products. But my favorite thing to do is snapchat it’s @jazzziebynature, which I like to use more because it’s candid, it comes naturally and I’m on it everyday.

SG: Both have helped me a lot. I try veganism here and there, the longest I went was for two months. I don’t eat beef or pork and haven’t since 2012 (with the exception of cheating with pork bacon here and there) BUT for the most part,  your snapchat helps me to stay away from processed foods and a lot of other food that’s no good for us. I grew up not eating processed foods. You remind me of my Grandmother in a lot of ways with the “No Can, No Ma’am!”

You also go around the supermarket and snap vegan friendly items, which helps me with not having to read labels when I shop. You go to Whole Foods, Trader Joes and farmers markets. For those who are already are on to the lifestyle it’s great! For those looking to eat better, you should definitely follow her!

“What would you suggest for someone who is just starting changing eating habits?”

JM: I suggest educating yourself, start with documentaries like Cowspiracy, Soul Food Junkies (especially for Black People), Eat this Not That, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, etc. there’s so much information out there.

Also, I still eat what I love and just find a substitute for it. Like, I love pasta so I substitute with Zucchini noodles. Also, I call food what it is like Milk is nothing more than Cow puss so just remembering that helps me to stay away from it.

SG: Look! I know I annoy everybody around me with how I talk about dairy. I’m always telling my friends how we don’t need to drink cows milk because we aren’t cows! (Laughs) I also find myself saying your little mantras about sugars and white starches “If it’s white, it ain’t right!” and “No ma’am , no can, no pork, no ham!” You are still the same funny outgoing Jazzie just with a new purpose. I love it.

JM: That’s why they say “ignorance is bliss” I really didn’t understand it until I realized how we are so ignorant about the things we eat because we love it yet so much of it is bad for us.

SG: Not only what we eat but what we put on our bodies and in our hair like lotions, soaps and body care. Where can we find your  skin care line?

JM: Jazzzier Organics is all natural, Shea Butter and chemical free. It can be found on my website, Etsy, and WeBuyBlack.Com  However, I would suggest getting it directly from my site because it will ship faster.

SG:  I’m waiting for my next shipment and can’t wait to use my body butter! I’m also letting you know now that I’m getting ready to get on your nerves for mindful/meatless March. I need all the tips and encouragement I can get. I detox every year around this time because its the start of a New Year for me, and my Birthday falls during lent.

JM: And you know  I’ll be right here to help you. Anytime.

Jazz is a lifestyle blogger from Los Angeles, Ca. now based in Houston, TX.  She is a health enthusiast who follows a plant based lifestyle and is studying to become a holistic healer, and doula (midwifery) Jazz shares recipes, tips , her (dred) loc journey and mental health reflections on her website  (with 3 z’s), @jazzziebynature on snapchat, and YouTube.

On top of all the love and light she shares with the world Jazz is also the owner and HBIC of an organic skincare line called Jazzier Organics. Glow Up Body Butter is my favorite Body Butter ever and I’m not just saying it because she’s my friend. I’m also a huge fan of  Bish Be Gone insect and negative energy repellent that works wonders for keeping mosquitos, insects and annoying pests (and people) away. Jazzier Organics also offers Touch Yo Self ‘Suga Scrub’, Blooming Hair Oil (for the edgeless) and Beard Juice and Beard Balm for Men.

xo SG

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